WhyTurkey / Adana?

Turkey is a favorite country with her flightsto connecting all over  the world, a beautiful climate, a magnificent historical background, besides having doctors specialized in their fields, and quality healthcare and madical facilities in world standarts certified by relevent organization.

Medical Service

Adana, which has internationally acredited private hospitals and which is a city of Turkey that constitutes a bridge between the East and the West, is the third most visited city of Turkey with its authentic fabric, consistent price and quality service.

The city of Adana, which is the centre of Çukurova region and whose history goes back to 8000 B.C, hosted 40 civilization throughout the history and has always been preferred by many civilizations as a centre of healthy life with its nature, rivers, thermal underground resources, rich flora, mild climate.

With parallel with investment made at a national level, significant health investements have been carried out in Adana.

12 hospitals of Health Ministry, 2 university hospitals, 11 private hospitals, 40 private medical centres, and private branch medical centres and air-ground ambulance services offer important alternatives to the patients coming from abroad and within the country. There are total 5.950 patient bed capacity in Adana. Advance medical technology is applied to all age groups for diagnosis and treatment in all branches, doctors and technical staff specialized in their fields at national and international level are working. There are 1 university hospital, 3 private hospitals that have JCl accreditation certificate and 2 accredited laboratories.

Tourism Service

Adana, which is 30 km far from Mediterranen Sea on the south of Toros Mountains, has been set up in Çukurova by Seyhan River. It is warm and rainy in winters and hot and dry in summers. There is absolutely no problem of accomodation for the tourists visiting Adana. The international airport that have flights connected to all of the world is only 10 km far from the centrum and that means approximately 10 minutes distance.

It is full the unique beauties for the one-day or a few days trips to historical-cultural and holy areas, nature walk, hunting tourism, speleological and canyon tourism.Our patients cann enjoy the sea in the districts Yumurtalık and Karataş which have coast on Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the history, natural and cultural beauties of Ceyhan-Misis-Tarsus-Kazanlı-Mersin-Antakya-Gaziantep-Ürgüp-Göreme and the Cyprus Island and have a different experience. We recommend you to try the Adana Kebap, turnip juice and other product of rich cuisine of the region.

As a Consequence;

Adana, the centre of Çukurova region, is a city organised for the patients to recover like having holiday. And if you add the experience of or doctors and the high technology of our hospital to this, there remains a hospitable city apart from a pleasant memory and a cheap, safe, fast, right and efficient multidisciplinary health tourism platform.And your health...