Foundation and History

HemogensFarma, has been founded and become operational in 2011 in Turkey/Adana by shareholders who united their academic knowledge and high level administration experience in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Chemistry with the support of KOSGEB(Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation) with the aim to make difference in the fields of products manufactured via high technology and the promotion and marketing of these products, medical counseling, development of projects and business models, to present high quality healthcare services to its clients and to provide reliable co-operation services for its partners.

Our Mission

To make difference in marketing of the medical products which will increase the health quality of people and in the fields of medical counseling, to carry out world class production and practices that will obtain customer oriented results.

Our Vision

To be a leading firm in scientific, technical and commercial practices that provides high quality healthcare services for its clients and reliable co-operation services for its partners.

Social Responsibility

To offer programs in order to provide continuous improvement in health and related fields in Turkey and in developed-developing regions of the world, to prepare and support broad participation projects on the issues of environment and education, in co-operation with public institutions, private institutions and non-governmental establishments.

Our Values

HemogensFarma obeys meticulously all the law and regulations related to the sector we are operational in, and constitutes it standard operation procedures(SOP) according to these values.

Our Quality Policy

To supply products that improve life quality and to solve the prior health problems by taking the international institution and organisations as UN, WHO, UNICEF, EU and T.R. Ministry of Health and other national institutions and organisation. To fulfill our duties on providing suitable health service according to safety-efficiency and quality standards to our clients,
to operate in accordance with the official requirements(GMP Standards and Ethical Rules).

Our Environmental-Occupational Health Policy

We accept and take T.R. legislations onenvironmental-occupational health as minimum standards.