Hemogens Farma Internet Privacy Statement

Hemogens Farma respects the personal information of the people visiting its online websites. Hemogens Farma, gathers only the information as your name, address, phone number, and/or e-mail which you give voluntarily in this website. Hemogens Farma respects the privacy of the personal information of the its visitors. It does not gather the information except you give voluntarily or purposefully in order to make contact, consult or get information while visiting the website. The user is accepted to have approved the information S/he gives to be used as mentioned in this privacy statement by using the website and giving personal information. Hemogens Farma and/or the companies it works with will use this information to give you the information you demand and for the purpose mentioned at the mon-ment you give your personal information. In order to better understand your requirements and to make our products and services more useful, we can apply this information from time to time. We can use this information to make contact with you. We do not sell or transfer the information you give in this website to the third persons to be used for other purposes than mentioned in this website. However, the user accepts that every message or materail sent to the e-mails in this website are not confidential and are subject to ownership and Hemogens Farma can use this information and materials without paying any price for and indefinitely in terms of place, time and number and can keep them without any time restirictions. 

The Hemogens Farma website you are visiting statistically follows the total number of visitors, the number of visitors visiting each page of our website and the domain names of internet service providers of our visitors. Not any personal information is used during this process. 

In some Hemogens Farma website a technology called ‘cookie’ is used. When you enter into a website, the symbol that your server gives to your browser is called ‘cookie’. The cookies can store so many kinds of data. The cookies increase the funcitonality of websites or help us review the use of a website more accurately. For instance, our server can use a cookie application that does not make you enter password at every time when you enter into the website. The cookies never gather personal information without your open permission.

The Hemogens Farma website you are visiting is not designed by considering the children under 13. when the user enters into the website, she/he will be assumed to accept this privacy statement and to declare that she/he is over 13 years old. No personal information is gathered from the ones that we know under 13 is. 

In order to make it easy for our visitors, we give links of some other websites that we belive to include useful information over Hemogens Farma websites.The personal privacy policies and processes explained here are not binding for the websites with links. Hemogens Farma does not have any legal liability for the losses arising from the internet websites that are entered via these links. We recommend you to directly apply them to get information about their data collection and distribution policies.

Any amendments in this Hemogens Farma Internet Personal Privacy Statement will be immediately published on this page.